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ILatrese N. Carter was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland . Her philosophy is inspired by the bible verse from Philippians 4: 13, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Her arrival on the writing scene is testament to the power of this belief in addressing challenges and overcoming difficulties.

As a girl, Latrese possessed a vivid imagination. She loved writing in a journal, and sharpened her writing skills through her studies. Latrese loves reading and possessed a long-standing desire to write. Through God's grace she was moved to pursue her dream of becoming a novelist.

After completing her first novel Latrese received many rejection letters, but with the encouragement of family and friends, she pressed on, knowing that all it takes is one “Yes”. Maintaining this faith and determination, Latrese was offered a publishing contract by Q-Boro Books.

Latrese is a graduate of University of Maryland Eastern Shore where she received a BS degree in Criminal Justice. She then attended Coppin State University and received a Master's degree in Special Education. Latrese is a Special Education teacher and her favorite subject is English, where she shares her love of writing with her students.

Latrese enjoys reading, writing, Florida vacations, watching reality shows and soap operas. She is a member of African American Sisters in Spirit Book Club, Ebony Readers and Black Writers United. Latrese currently resides in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband, Reginald, and their daughter, Reagan.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall Which is the twin you love most of all? Is it popular Mya because she’s an outgoing star? Or is it shy Tara because she’s jealous from afar? “Everything that glitters ain’t always gold” Find out who’s really sinister as the story unfolds. Babygirl Daniels brings readers another dramatic tale of young teen girls struggling to find themselves in the heart of Detroit.

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